About our partners

vzw Touché

All Touché’s products are designed and produced in partnership with the social projects on the one hand, and professional designers, producers and craft(wo)men who are aligned with our vision and mission on the other hand. We are very proud to present:

Atelier Steve Reynders

Steve Reynders is our intense warrying image wizard. He draws the images for our stories, so people can understand what we are trying to tell. And he does so with an incredible eye for detail and finesse.


Helen B

helen b – alias for Helen Blanchaert – is a creative Jack-of-all-trades and of course she does best what all creative souls do; she makes illustrations, a universe of funny characters, animals, strange creatures and animated letters. They come to life at first to her drawing board and then get a new life on porcelain tableware, t-shirts, sheets cradle, paper goods, etc.


Pol Cosmo

Pol Cosmo is Touché’s creative merchandise brain with the friendliest crooks phiz, who not only brings color in the city, but takes care of new products in our shop. Bag adepts and fashion freaks, put on your brace!


Wendy Vandeputte

Wendy paints, photographs, runs, laughs and enjoys life at an unprecedented speed! If you see her passing by, fear not, she will look for your most beautiful and aggression-warmest side. And when she has done her thing with it, you would even consider a modeling career!



Queen of needle and thread, master of craftsmanship, champion in the search for high-quality fabrics in Belgium and beyond and last but not least designer of products that are a perfect illustration of our mission.

Bram Van Wichelen

Bram is our reality-checker and crisis manager. He manages to translate our ideas IT-wize into websites, web shops, mail applications, signup forms, …


Cargo Vélo

Cargo Velo is the all-round bicycle courier service within an urban context. Under the motto "everything on the velo" they offer a fast and flexible alternative to motorized transport. They are active within large cities such as Ghent and Antwerp, but they also offer interesting logistical solutions. The bike couriers cycle daily deliveries for 700 customers, all delivered without CO2 emissions.


Jacques Books

Jacques Books, aka Katrien Annys, the most friendly, vigorous, gentle and discerningly woman among us, puts our ideas into the most pure design with clear Touche signature.