About us

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Aggression is part of human nature.
Aggression is manageable.
Aggression-related problems can be solved.
Aggression is a possible strength, not (only) a problem.
We can benefit from the power in aggressive energy.

Reminding people of their own aggression, their solutions to control and channel it and the potential in it, enables people to make free and constructive choices in their life, relationships, situation, … and gives them the energy to move and change in the desired direction. The most powerful solution for the negative spiral of violence lies in connecting people, and thus enhancing (self-)respect. We are building a safe, positive, respectful world in which people are realizing constructive goals and developing their talents with their aggressive energy.

Touché re-integrates people with aggression-related problems, among whom (ex-)prisoners and youngsters. Since 2007, we offer solution focused therapy, educational, preventive and training programs, teaching people how to deal with their own aggressive energy. At this moment, we are reaching 3.850 people per year: direct clients individually (350) + direct clients in group (1.000) + indirect clients, family members of direct clients, clients reached through campaigns (2.500).

Targeting primarily (ex-)prisoners, youths and the prison as a whole, Touché is inspiring society to deal with aggression in a constructive way. Touché is offering solution-focused therapy and training programs to teach people to recognize, control and channel their aggressiveness positively.

Touché could generate €14,5 million annualy in economic value in Belgium.

We received several prices and recognitions over the years: The Price for Human Rights, the European EBTA Award for Excellence in Solution Focused Practice, Ashoka fellowship for one of the founders of Touché, and a constructive cooperation with both the minister of Justice and Welfare. Partners as The Houses, Porticus, Ashoka and The Venture Philanthropy Fund supported us to become an organisation with systemic social impact.