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Touché, Kortrijksesteenweg 391, 9000 Gent

Everybody is warmly welcome in the Touché-house itself. As we need passion and dynamics in our daily work, we are literally on the move quite often. The people from our team who are working in the Touché-house, are mostly doing therapy sessions with clients. That’s why it is wise to give us a signal ([email protected] or +32477605409) before you visit us.


Helen B & Friends, Bij Sint-Jacobs 7, 9000 Gent

Here you can find a unique selection of stylish objects, utensils, jewelry, small furniture, lighting, illustrations, maps, posters, magazines, and so much more. The shop not only shows the work of helen b herself, helen gives her 'friends' a place in the store. She collaborates with designers, brands and creative souls from all over the world. You will find the work of more than 40 creative people in the store. "Little things can be great", she says. And that translates into everything. Products, no matter how small, that can have a big meaning for you, with a touch of humor, handmade. Products that exude simplicity and tranquility, that inspire. All carefully selected by helen b herself, found somewhere on the road, on an inspiring journey or through a warm encounter.