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Our world could use more resilience. This requires creativity, freedom of choice, coping ànd fist power. Get to know those facets and discover the tango dancing boxer, the poetry loving footballer, the origami folding construction worker, the though seamstress or the macho yoga teacher in yourself and others.

Aggression fascinates. At the same time, we find aggressive behavior repulsive. But punishment raises little fruit. ‘Positive aggressive’ offers an inspiring alternative. It starts from the idea that aggression is a force, which only harms when there is a lack of choices. He or she who expands his or her range of choices, can transform aggression into a positive force.

With theory, cases and exercises, this book will challenge you outside the limits of common thinking. It offers you the language to approach aggression in a solution-focused and ground-breaking way. A caring approach that dares to address the power in it, encourage it and even enlarge it.


“The way this book makes us believe in the beauty and the vulnerability of the person behind the aggression, is hopeful and priceless.” – Luk Dewulf – author of ‘I choose for my talent’ and ‘Stop burnout’

“It is time to see the man behind aggressive behavior, and develop an eye for the creative force that takes shelter in aggression. If you don’t know how to start, start with reading this book.” – Hans Claus – prison director, human rights activist and artist

“Social challenges require innovative solutions. This book inspires and offers a great support to those who wish to tackle it differently.” – Piet Colruyt – Social impact investor

“I've always suspected that aggression is a force, but in aggression hides so much shame and taboo that I quell it as quickly as possible when I notice it. I am very happy with this book, that shows me how we can use our positive aggression. ‘Positive aggressive’ comes not a moment too soon.” -Tobias Leenaert – founder EVA vzw and Ashoka fellow

“Aggression: a power source with a bad name. Veerle De Waele and Marjan Gryson are a synergistic fertilizer who restore aggression as bad guy in honor, and illuminate all facets of aggression within and outside ourselves.” – Belo Mussche – child and adolescent psychiatrist, whole body psychiatry